Energy Tubs Walk-in Bathtubs

Safe, Accessible, Healthy & Therapeutic Bathing With Style - Stay Mobile & Independent.

Energy Tubs' Walk-in Bathtub Features

Walk­-In Tubs heavy-­duty reinforced fiberglass shell reinforced with a stainless steel frame. Coated with an easy ­to ­clean high gloss finish and anti-­slip textured floor. Design includes a safety built-­in grab bar placed next to the ergonomically designed door. The heavy-­duty reinforced door system is built with a silicone rubber seal and an easy release handle for ease of use.

Whirlpool Massage System

Easily control the energy efficient 6 micro jets with the pressure valve control system as well as the 4 jumbo jets that are placed strategically throughout the tub to help with blood circulation and skin exfoliation.

Air Massage System

20 air jets creates a luxurious experience while using our walk-­in tubs. A ceramic heating element will warm the air that is emitted at oscillating variable speeds.

Ozone Sanitizer

Not only will the natural anti­-microbial effect create a longer lasting tub but it will also help reduce maintenance and ensure our customers are bathing in a completely sanitized environment free of viruses, algae, odor, and other contaminants.

Hurry Drain®

It puts an end to this irritating problem by draining walk-in bathtubs (3X) three times faster than traditional drain systems, getting you out of the tub in a fraction of the time.

Safety Grab Bars

Ergonomically designed to add an extra level of security for bathers while getting in and out of the walk-­in tub. Placed strategically by the door and above the seat for ease of use.

Neckrest Spa Pillow

The neck­rest spa pillow allows you to comfortably lounge in peace and relaxation while you enjoy a warm bath releasing any pain or tension that the day has caused.

Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions