Energy Tubs: Creating a Complete Bathing Experience

Energy Tubs has emerged as the top ranking walk-in tub manufacturer and supplier across the nation. At Energy Tubs we have an ever-changing approach to making our therapeutic tubs with the highest-grade material at the most reasonable cost. Manufactured in the tradition of making a great product for consumers, our company strives on creating lasting customer relationships and building a better walk-in tub that meets the needs of customers wide and varied. No approach to design and quality is overlooked in the engineering of our tubs. Our belief in providing a luxurious and therapeutic experience is evident in our attitude towards this growing market. Wellness and health is at the top of our list when creating a fulfilling bathing experience like no other.

Our main goal is to ensure that the lives of our customers is enhanced with a bathing experience that offers a once immobile and impeded life a greater opportunity to experience the dignity by being able to care for themselves once again. Our innovative approach to our walk-in tubs is created here in the US with our research and design department considering all the needs of our customers. The majority of our parts and manufacturing is also made right here on US soil. With our philosophy of creating tubs that offer a new life to people along with bringing this opportunity to the US we have seen a hugely positive effect on the US market.

With the advent of baby boomers growing at a rapid rate our company has arrived at the most opportune time. People desire the ability to remain independent until their later years. As an American, being independent is characteristic of whom we are. Bathing time can be a scary event if you can no longer trust your body as you had in the past. Having to receive assistance during bath time can become a humiliating part of your day. At Energy Tubs providing the ability to bathe with self-worth is a driving force behind why we are determined to bring our tubs into more homes across the nation to those that need it most.

Our walk-in tubs are so luxurious and elegant, designed to fit in any home and to be used by any one, not only for the elderly and people with limited abilities. At Energy Tubs we have a Hurry Drain that will allow our walk-in tubs to be drained within 110 seconds. People may feel that a walk-in tub is not ideal for the everyday user, but with the Hurry Drain feature it makes getting in and out of the tub faster and more efficient. The additions of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and dual massage systems would benefit anyone at any age. Research shows that a soothing and relaxing bathing experience contributes to a positively healthy

lifestyle. At Energy Tubs we take this seriously and want to be able to enhance the quality of life for our consumers.

Our future prospects are to see more of our superior walk-in tubs in the homes of American users. We also plan on launching more Energy Tubs facilities to nations like England, Spain, Germany, Japan, and Australia. We believe our innovative features and designs are going to revolutionize the way people bathe. Energy Tubs will continue to build upon their philosophy and beliefs for a healthier bathing experience while opening doors to a more fulfilling life.

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Terms and conditions