Comfort and Security With a Walk in Tub

These safety features include:

  1. Low Entrance Threshold
    A buyer needs to check a unit's dimensions before purchasing to make sure the step-in height of a tub's entryway is not too high for them. Depending on a senior's needs, the step-in of a walk-in tub ranges from 0" to 9" high. If you wish never to lift your legs over a traditional tub's wall ever again, a walk-in bathtub is what you need.
  2. Safety Grab Bars
    Depending on the accessibility a walk-in bathtub provides, safety bars are typically located in convenient areas to help seniors balance themselves when entering and exiting the tub. If a certain model, for example, is built for wheelchair-bound users, a safety bar will typically be located on the unit's outer rim to make it easy to reach.
  3. Anti-Slip Floor
    Statistics show that bathroom injuries are directly proportional to ageing. This is because straining for strength in the legs when moving in and out of the tub requires more traction to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Luckily, the floors of walk-in tubs are textured and treated with anti-slip solutions to keep those accidents from happening.
  4. Emergency Toe Drain
    Emergency precautions are approached differently by certain models than others. Near the drain; some units feature a button of urgency that a senior can push down with their toe, draining the water in less than a minute.
  5. Easy to operate controls
    Tub controls must be within reach of the bather, readily available, must be operated with just one hand and must require minimum force to operate. A touch button control apparatus is the best control for the job.

The safety and security provided by the use of these tubs are priceless. These walk in units make life easier for everyone, and they provide the ability for anyone with a physical disability to maintain their sense of independence and care for their cleanliness.

Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions