Walk-in Tub Therapeutic Benefits

The advantages and healing power of Walk-in Tub Therapy cannot be over-emphasized, as you can turn your walk-in bath experience into a reinvigorating spa, equipped with various sensory therapies such as hydrotherapy, pleasing, innovative chromotherapy effects, soothing aromatherapy, and much more. It has been discovered to be the most affordable and reliable home remedy to treat common ailments associated with the seniors and diabetic patients.

Recently, doctors have emphasized on the numerous advantages of bathing in warm water. This content will highlight some of the key advantages of Walk-in Tub Therapeutic of the Energy Tubs for more enlightenment.

Below are the advantages and benefits of the Energy Tubs’ walk-in tub therapy:

  • Hydro-Jet Water Therapy: This contains 10 inbuilt Hydro-Jets shoots that are systematically positioned on the tub to exert water pressure on those aching and tight areas, giving soothing effects to help relax muscle areas, boost circulation of blood, and relieve muscular tension and pain. The hydro-jets can be fully adjusted to function at different speeds and intensities as required to relieve your stress and calm your pains and aches. The water jets of the massage can also be targeted to offer a soothing and refreshing massage to targeted areas like back, legs, feet, or the combination of two parts.
  • Aromatherapy: Many researchers have shown that the human sense of smell plays a major role in their emotions, sense of relaxation, thoughts and physical well-being. This holistic approach is being employed in the Energy Tubs’ aromatherapy to achieve the aim of emitting relaxing and pleasant scents. The essential plant oils pellets are dissolved to give these lasting longer aromas.
  • Lower Back and Seat Heating System: This system offers significant advantage by providing rapid pre-heating; thereby transfers the heating effects to the tub seat by taking off coldness of the seat of the tub. In just 2 – 3 minutes, you start feeling the effect, and it reaches full heat in 7 – 8 minutes. The Energy Tubs’ lower back and seat heating system keeps you warm at a comfortable temperature during bath and as well as maintains the seat & back warmness as it drains. The system is equipped with an inbuilt thermal cut off to protect you from excessive heat, and this has made this system a self-extinguish and perfect system.
  • Chromotherapy: It has been shown through research that chromotherapy has exceptional positive influences on both mind and body by reducing high blood pressure component of stress and anxiety to help the body relax and calm. The variable light colours (as its name implies “chromo”) help calm stress, anxiety, and aches. The yellow colour enhances and stimulates intellectual while the red colour triggers the circulatory system to boost energy and vitality. The green colour soothes the nervous system to relax vision while blue colour improves conscious mind, and promotes peace and coolness. Magenta and turquoise colour harmonizes emotions and regenerates the body respectively.

The Energy Tubs consultant can provide various spa packages for fully optimized and customized bathing experience. Contact us today to enjoy all the benefits of Walk-in Tub Therapeutic.

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Terms and conditions