Compact series

Compact series

BASE MODEL (W") X (L") X (H")

  • ET2646 - 26" x 45.75" x 37.375" $0.00

  • ET2653 - 26″ x 53″ x 36″ $0.00

  • ET2848 - 26.25" x 47.5" x 40" $0.00

therapy system

  • Hydro Massage $895.00

  • Air Massage $895.00

  • Micro Bubble Spa $1,495.00


  • Heated Seat $475.00

  • Aromatherapy $275.00

  • Chromatherapy $475.00

  • Leg Massage $275.00

  • Ozone Sanitizer $475.00


Compact bathtub $2,995.00 + BASE MODEL (W") X (L") X (H") $0


Compact Walk-in Bathtubs Designed to Fit 60-inch Cutaways

Easy, Compact Door Access

Inward-Opening with Waterproof Door Seal

Spacious Seating

Curved and Comfortable Seating

Compact Series give you:

Standard Features
  • Marine-grade fiber glass shell
  • Triple gel coat finish
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Six adjustable legs
  • Water-tight vinyl door seal
  • Removable access panels
  • User-friendly, ADA compliant design
  • Wall extension kit to fit a 60” tub opening

Safety Features

  • Low 6″ Threshold Entry
  • Anti-slip Flooring
  • Built-In Safety Handle Bars
  • Leak Resistant Door Drain
  • 17 inch High Contoured Seat

Optional features

  • Therapeutic Air Massage System
  • 20 Chrome Air Jets
  • Hydrotherapy Massage System
  • 10 Directional Adjustable Hydro Jets
  • Flangeless design with optional flange kit

Innovative features.

Designed specifically for your comfort.

Whirlpool Massage System

The massage system is designed to hit key pressure points, briskly stimulating aching muscles and joints and promoting a satisfying massaging experience that provides relief from pain and stress.

Air Massage System

The air massage system provides a light, effervescent massage that complements the hydro massage system by delivering an all-body circulatory massage; great for improving circulation and promoting a healthy lymphatic system.

Microbubble System

Provides an invigorating experience that leaves skin feeling soft, clean and nourished. Bubbles are used to gently exfoliate the skin, penetrate the pores, and remove dirt and excess oils, leaving your skin supple, soft, and healthy.

Ozone Sanitizer

Designed to penetrate and clean your hydro system after each use.  The ozone uses a purification system that sanitizes piping and jets systems for maximum cleanliness each time you bathe.

Leg Massage System

Works with the hydromassage system allowing bathers to use the leg only jet with the tub filled halfway. Provides a concentrated massage that benefits the feet and legs to helps circulate blood flow to crucial areas.

Heated Seats

Stay comfortable and warm while you bathe through back and seat warming technology designed with safety in mind. The heated seat ensures you are cozy throughout the entire bathing process.


Aromatherapy beads can be placed in an easy to clean, oil resistant diffuser that’s mounted on the tub’s deck. In order to regulate your scent, the diffuser comes with a .5 amp pump which distributes a modest amount of fragrance to enhance your bathing experience.


An invigorating experience that nourishes the mind and body using light sensory therapy. Color and light tones are controlled in conjunction to provide an optimal environment for meditative bathing and relaxation.

Bidet Jet

The personal hygiene jet cleans difficult to reach areas while working in conjunction with the hydro- massage system. This individually adjustable system is located on the seat of the tub and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

Only Energy Tubs gives you:

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Fast Shipping

7-days-a-week customer support

30-day money-back guarantee

Engineered for better bathing experience

Energy Tubs walk-in baths are products specifically designed and manufactured with the seniors and the handicapped in mind. The tub comes equipped with built-in features addressing the safety concerns of the physically informed so that bathing will be enjoyable and risk-free for them. These are the essential safety features of a walk in tub product. The safety and security provided by the use of these tubs are priceless. These walk in units make life easier for everyone, and they provide the ability for anyone with a physical disability to maintain their sense of independence and care for their cleanliness.